04 February 2009

Pedigree Resource File - PRF

The Pedigree Resource File (PRF) is a computerized database found at FamilySearch.org. The PRF contains over 215 million lineage - linked names. These names are attached to another family member such as spouse, parent or child.

This file is open and data may be contributed online through the FamilySearch website. Submitter information will be listed.

The unique characteristic about this database as compared to the Ancestral File is that notes and sources may be attached to individuals. Unfortunately, many submissions do not include notes and sources.

As you search this datebase you will notice that entries refer to a CD #. CDs contain the additional notes and sources and new CDs which contain recent contributions to the PRF are published regularly. Currently 42 sets are available, each containing 5 million names. Sets 43 & 44 are set to be released soon. These CDs are avaialble for purchase through distribution centers. Most Family History Centers have a current set of these CDs. The BYU Family History Library has placed the CDs on their server.

Thanks, Paul Smart for the current statistics about this file!


  1. Kelly,

    You may be interested in knowing that the Pedigree Resource File actually has over 215 million names in it. It is now at set 42 and each set has about 5 million names in it. That means that you're a little short in the number that you give. FamilySearch is expecting sets 43 and 44 anytime and the number will continue to grow.

  2. Thanks Paul! I will make the update in my post.