14 February 2009

More Locality Sites

When looking at localities a great free website is: USGenWeb.org. This website is set up by state and then by counties within each state. Listed on each site are free resources specific to the area, a brief history and links to other online resources. It is not uncommon to find a list of cemeteries that have been transcribed or a state census that has been extracted. I have even found county or local histories digitized and posted. My favorite option is the search this site option. I can search a state or county for my surname and all related hits will be brought up. All resources are provided by volunteers. Contribution in all areas in GenWeb is highly encouraged. The more you share the more others can find.

The world counterpart is WorldGenWeb.org. It is set up in similar fashion. First choose and region then a specific country, any related helps will appear. Some areas in World GenWeb are not as robust as US GenWeb. This is a growing site and is run completely by volunteers who love genealogy.

One last free web resource is Cyndi's List. Cyndi has collected and organized over 264,040 genealogical links. You may search this site by location, region or by genealogical topic. She has even included links related to history and customs.

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