02 February 2009

Ancestral File - AF

The Ancestral File is the first computerized database created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the purpose of gathering and organizing the Four Generation Program being submitted by the church membership. This database does not include paper forms submitted prior to the Ancestral File's creation. The Ancestral File database can be found at: FamilySearch.org.

This database has more than 35 million lineage - linked names. Lineage - linked means that each individual is linked to a spouse, a parent or a child.

This file contains only deceased individuals. You won't have any luck searching for a living individual.

There may be information about the submitter of the information, but it is very old and the submitter may no longer be living.

This file is closed and you may not make any additions or changes. The Ancestral File is known to have many duplicate persons and errors in the data.

One disadvantage to this file is that no notes or sources were contained in the data found here.

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