04 February 2009

International Genealogical Index - IGI

The International Genealogical Index is a searchable database found at FamilySearch.org. This database is an index. Only deseased individuals are listed in this database. Individual persons may be found in this file without a connection to anyone else in the file. Occasionally there will be persons connected to a parent or spouse.

Information is entered into this database 3 different ways. The first, this file contains entries of deceased members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Secondly, names of relatives for which members have submitted to complete temple work. Thirdly, entries extracted from vital and church records from around the world. One does not need to have L.D.S. ancestry to find entries in this database. If by chance an entry is found that came from extracted records an associated film number will be listed as the source of the original record.

L.D.S. Members can access temple ordinance dates from this file after they have signed in with their user name and password. To register for a username and password a membership number and confirmation date is needed. These pieces of information can be retrieved from a ward membership clerk.

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