26 January 2009

Printing in PAF

To print a pedigree chart in PAF you must first highlight the individual you would like to be the first person on the chart. Usually you will begin with yourself. Once this person is highlighted you need to click on the little printer icon found on the top menu bar. It is the fifth icon from the left. Once you have clicked on the printer icon a "Reports & Charts" box will appear. There are many tabs at the top. Select the "Pedigree" tab. You will verify that the starting person is whoever you highlighted. The type of chart is usually a "single" chart. Chart options include a choice of 4, 5 or 6 generation chart. "Other Options" include "Prepared by". Always click "Prepared by"so that your name and contact information will be printed on the bottom left hand corner.

To print a family group record in PAF you must highlight the individual you would like to show as parent. Click the printer icon and the print "Reports & Charts" box will open. Select the "Family Group" tab. You may verify the starting person and select "parent". "Type of Chart" will be a "single family" and "expanded"(fewer abbreviations). The "Sources and Notes" area should have "source citations" checked, along with "Actual Text"and "Comments"also "General Notes". This allows all sources for this family to be printed. Remember we like to have sources with everything. On the "Other options" check "Prepared by".

Before you print out any of these charts or forms I recommend that you "preview" the documents. By previewing the charts you will not accidentally print something you don't want and you will assure that you have included sources and prepared by information.


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