17 January 2009

Adding Sources to your PAF data

Sources are an important part of good record keeping. A general rule that should be applied is: Enter at least one source for every fact. Entering sources for every fact will help you evaluate evidence as you research. I know that entering sources for every fact may seem time consuming, however your work will be credible to others if you have sources listed.

Open your PAF file and look at each individual you have entered. Open the "Edit Individual" box by double clicking on a name. Once the box is open, look at the facts you have entered. Next to the birth date and place line you will notice a small letter "s". This is where a source is entered for the birth date and birth place fact. Double click on the small "s". You will be brought to the "Select Source" box. Since you are just beginning this box will be empty. To enter a new source click the "New" button found in the lower portion of the select source box. Another box will open, this is the "Edit Source" box. There are spaces to enter a title, author and publication information. There are more spaces but we will only use the 3 above mentioned at this point. You may easily enter the title, author and publication of your source and then click "OK". This will save the source. You will then be brought again to the "Select Source" box. The entry you just entered will be highlighted. Click the "Select" button and the "Sources" box will open. At this point you may add the citation detail such as page number. Click "OK" to save your additions and your source will be attached to the birth date and birth place fact. You will notice that when a source is added that an "*" appears next to the small "s" to notify you that a source is connected to a particular fact. Repeat this process for all the facts you have entered in PAF.

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  1. I'm so happy to find your blog. I found you as a follower of Michael John Neill. I'm LDS and a Consultant and Trainer in our FHC. So I'm going to follow this blog closely for helps in teaching. THANK YOU SO MUCH Kelly!
    Becky Jamison