29 July 2009

Great Blogs to Follow

General Genealogy Blogs:
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
About.com Genealogy
Creative Gene
Genealogy Insider
Dear Myrtle
Ancestry Insider
Genealogy Tip Of The Day

Genealogy Technology Blogs:
Think Genealogy
The Genetic Genealogist
Family Oral History Using Digital Tools
The Family Curator
Genealem's Genetic Genealogy
Family Matters
The Photo Detective
Internet Genealogy

Genealogy Research Blogs:
Og Blog Roots Television
Midwestern Microhistory
Historical Town Maps Blog
Free Genealogy Resources
Hispanic Genealogy

History Blogs:
Civil War Women
History of American Women
The Virtual Dime Museum
The History Blog

Writing Genealogy:
The Heart & Craft of Life Writing
Passing It On
Your Story Counts

Have fun finding the blogs that are right for you!


  1. A new genealogy/technology blog from the Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group: www.on-lines.blogspot.com

  2. I wanted to thank you for listing my blog on your site as well as mentioning it at the BYU Conference. I am always surprised to see it is of interest, especially from people I do not know. Thank you again.

    You might also be interested in my blog on writing one's childhood memories and family stories. I teach classes on this locally and have written a few booklets which are for sale.

    Thank you,
    Genealem's Genetic Genealogy Blog

    Northwest Regional Coordinator and Speaker for ISOGG (www.isogg.org)
    Administrator for twelve FTDNA DNA Projects